Donate to the Blessing Box, get library debts paid off in September

Library debts can be paid off by donating food for the Library Blessing Box today, September 1 to September 30, 2021.

Everyone is always busy, so chances are good that you’ve forgotten to take back a library book a time or two. Well, you can bid your library fines farewell this month and help needy Bradley County residents all at the same time! The Warren Branch Library will hold a “Food for Fines” during the month of September giving library patrons the opportunity to donate non-perishable food or hygiene items to erase fines. Bring your donations when returning overdue materials to erase the fine for that item as well as any other existing overdue fines.

Each non-perishable food/hygiene item represents $1.
There’s just one limitation: Donations may not be used to waive charges for items that have been lost or billed.

Items collected during the drive will be used in the community Blessing Box located at the Library, which has been providing essential supplies for those in need in Warren. Items needed for the Blessing Box include bottled water, ready to eat meals (with pop top lids), hygiene products, peanut butter, tuna, canned fruit, pudding cups, cereal, granola bars, or any non-perishable food.

For more info call 870-226-2536.

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