Hermitage School Board takes actions for 2021/2022 year

The Hermitage School Board met Monday, August 9, 2021 and conducted business in preparation for the beginning of the 2021-2022 school year.

After taking care of all routine monthly business and hearing updates from the administrative staff, the board approved a resolution for contract disclosure for Collin Wilkerson and Tracie Richard. Both employees are related to board members.

Dr. Tucker discussed plans to begin school for the new year and went over safety precautions.

The board then took the following actions:

approved ARPA budget
approved plan for recruitment and retention
approve covid emergency leave policy
approved extra pay for vaccinations of staff
approved purchase of new refrigerator and milk bins from Supreme Fixtures for mild storage
approved 2021-2022 statement of assurances
approved repairs for fire alarm system
approved purchase of propane from Gresham Petroleum
All items were approved after a motion and second and vote of the board.

The board then voted to amend the following personnel contracts after conducting an executive session:

Charles Wilkerson for long haul bus driver
Lacey Hollingsworth for long haul bus driver
Kasey Kellum for hourly technology work
Carla McDougald to Masters scale
Katrina Black for Masters scale
Lizzot Deleon as teachers aide
Next, the board voted to grant Dr. Tucker authority to hire personnel for custodian, bus driver and high school paraprofessional.

No action was taken mandating the wearing of masks. The Superintendent is encouraging them and stated that many kids are complying in the younger grades.

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