Hermitage School Board meets for regular monthly business

Members of the Hermitage School Board met in regular session Monday, September 13 in the Hermitage High School Cafeteria. Present were Board President Russell Richard,members Kevin Reep, Mary Hamilton, Teia Thomas and Gary Vines. Also present were Superintendent Dr. Tracy Tucker, Mistie McGhee and Rosalynda Ellis. The board approved past minutes, approved the financial report and voted to pay all bills for the past month.

Reports were then provided by Mistie McGhee for grades 7-12, Rosalynda Ellis for grades k-6, and by Dr. Tucker.

Dr. Tucker presented updates on the American Rescue Plan, Cares Act, and ESSER. She also talked about COVID and the Board left the mask mandate in place for another month.

The Board then voted to purchase a school vehicle costing up to $30,000.00.

In other actions the board took the following actions:

  • approved child nutrition rate changes for 2021-2022 school year based on updated rules
  • approved disposal of district surplus property
  • approved the 2021-2022 annual budget and the 2020-2021 annual financial report
  • talked about redistricting zones due to the census changes
  • discussed a date for the Facilities Master Plan Public Meeting and report to the public-set time for October 11, 2021 at 6:00pm in the Cafeteria
  • approved to purchase a 3-year continuation subscription to Go-Guardian for technology access and use monitoring. Paid 13,450 using ESSER ( Covid ) funds.
  • approved participation in the 2021-2022 unemployment compensation program through the Arkansas School Board Association
  • approved purchase of a 6-year subscription to a literacy intervention program (Read 180/system 44-ESSER funds for loss of learning).

All votes were 5-0.

After going into executive session the following actions were taken:

  • approved the hirings made by Dr. Tucker since the last meeting-Keri Pasela as custodian, Diane Franklin as a Paraprofessional and Chase Ellis/Weston Haynes for a shared
    medium length bus route
  • hired Bonnie Halbert as SIP teacher
  • approved 21st CCLC staff and DESE approved rate of pay (Tiffany Curtis, Dalila Pedroza, Bonnie Halbert, Tim Whitney, Lacey Hollingsworth, Chase Ellis, Leah Smith, Christy Saunders
    and Kristi Best; rates of pay-$35/hour for Program Director and Site Coordinator; $30/hour for certified teacher and $16/hour for classified staff, and
  • approved the payment of $500/semester for teachers chosen by administrators as mentors for novice teachers
    Votes were 5-0 in favor.

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