Owners of Warren and Monticello Animal Clinics acquire Fordyce Clinic

Owners of the Warren and Monticello Animal Clinics, Norris Animal Clinics, recently acquired the Fordyce Animal Clinic and have begun seeing patients today, September 13, 2021 at the Fordyce location.

“The cat is out of the bag,” a Facebook announcement read last Wednesday. According to the announcement post, the name of the Fordyce clinic will be changed to the Dallas County Animal Clinic, however the building and phone number will remain the same.

The newly acquired clinic is located at 1001 W 4th St in Fordyce, Arkansas. Doctor Tabitha Norris, a name that is familiar to all of the Warren Animal Clinic patients and owners, will begin seeing and accepting appointments today, September 13. Appointments can be made by emailing norrisanimalclinics@gmail.com.

Hours for the new clinic have yet to be set, but should be posted shortly on the Dallas County Animal Clinic’s Facebook page.

Top Photo: Fordyce Animal Clinic Facebook page.

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