Annual report to the public presented from the Warren School District

Four of the seven members of the Warren School Board were in attendance Monday evening for the regular monthly meeting of the Warren School Board and to participate in the annual report to the public as required by state law.

Normal monthly business of the board was conducted including approval of previous minutes, the financial report, and presentations by each school principal and the director of SEACBEC. Each presenter provided detailed data on the status of educational achievement by grade for the year 2020/2021.

After going into executive session, the board came back and voted to approve several new hires.

Next the board took action on several issues:

  • approved the minority teacher & administration recruitment plan
  • approved assurances for programs under the Elementary Secondary Education Act ( ESEA )
  • approved a board to board, student transfer, from Cleveland County School District ( Woodlawn ) to the Warren School District
  • approved Board Member Joel Tolefree as Warren’s delegate to the Arkansas School Board Association-Mr. Tolefree volunteered for the position
  • approved the continuation of wearing mask while indoors and on buses while physical distancing can not be maintained-to be considered again at the next board meeting

Then the Superintendent’s report was made by Superintendent Bryan Cornish. Mr. Cornish updated the board on Homecoming plans set for October 15. Weather permitting, the coronation of the Queen will occur at Jim Hurley, Jr. Stadium so there can be plenty of room and sufficient social distancing. If forced indoors, it will be conducted in the Cultural Center with attendance by ticket only and will be live streamed to the students so family and friends may attend. The downtown parade is set for 2:00 p.m. Friday, October 15, 2021. The superintendent went on to report that parent-teacher conferences are planned for October 25 and 26. He also stated that flu clinics are about to begin. Mr. Cornish then provided an update on construction progress for the new school and arena.

Then the annual report to the public was presented for the school year 2020-2021 and the current status and expectations for 2021-2022. Progress toward accomplishing program goals, accreditation, reports, evaluation studies and other reports were gone over. Questions from the public were allowed. The annual report was presented by Assistant Superintendent Carla Wardlaw and other staff members. Superintendent Cornish added several comments.

During the public comment portion of the meeting, one parent discussed an alleged problem with two of her children while riding the bus. She indicated she needed the board to address the issue. The allegation is that her children were mistreated by an older student.

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