Director of SEACBEC Devin McDiarmid speaks to Warren Rotary

The program for the Warren Rotary Club on Tuesday, Oct. 26 inside the Fellowship Hall at First United Methodist Church was Devin McDiarmid, who is the director of SEACBEC. Mrs. McDiarmid was the program for Rotarian Carla Wardlaw. SEACBEC, which stands for Southeast Arkansas Community Based Education Center, is located right beside Warren High School and serves students from five different school districts, including Hampton, Hermitage, Rison, Warren, and Woodlawn. The five programs of study currently are computer science, criminal justice, construction, medical professions, and welding. McDiarmid spoke about the impacts of COVID-19 on classes and the importance of being able to utilize distance learning with SEACBEC serving students from five different school districts. SEACBEC also provides opportunities for high school students to earn college credit and a number of industry-recognized certifications, along with National Career Readiness Certificates. Her program reinforced how important SEACBEC is to our community and region and that we are fortunate to have it available to our local high school students.

Pictured are Carla Wardlaw and Devin McDiarmid.

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