Quorum Court levies taxes payable in 2022

Prior to the regular monthly Bradley County Quorum meeting of November 15, 2021, the court met as the Tax Levying Court to set the millage rates for 2021, to be collected in 2022. The rates levied are as follows:

  • County General- 5 real estate and 5 personal
  • County Road- 3 real estate and 3 personal
  • Library- 1 real estate and 1 personal
  • Hospital Maintenance- .4 real estate and .4 personal
  • City of Warren -5 real estate and 5 personal
  • City of Banks- 1.40 real estate and 1.40 personal
  • Warren School District #1- 41.50 real estate and 41.50 personal
  • New Edinburg School District #5- 38.10 real estate and 38.10 personal ( This is a portion of Bradley County that the residences were once in the New Edinburg District.

There has been some investigation into why the New Edinburg funding, for a district that no longer exists, should not go to the Warren school for the area that is now in the Warren District. It remains unclear.

Timber tax is .20 per acre.

Upon completion of the levying court, the court adjourned and reopened for the regular monthly meeting.

Judge McKinney reported that work is continuing on the 2022 county budget. He also stated that work on repairs to the Bell Tower will begin soon. He hopes this does not require the Courthouse to close for a short period. The Judge talked about the need to further educate the county residents on use of the garbage collection system and the fact there is a camera on the newest truck to record problems of wrongly placed garbage containers.

The court then adopted Resolution 277 endorsing a proposal to provide a state tax credit for law enforcement officers.

Justice Hargrave commented on a recent meeting with the hospital board and stated he thought the meeting was productive.

The Justices’ then approved Christmas bonuses to be paid in the amount of $300.00 in the same manner as was done in 2020. This includes fulltime and some part time employees. Quorum Court members will not be included.

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