The Christmas Memory Tree

This is the story behind the Christmas tree on the Martin lot, from Warren Mayor Denisa Pennington:

This tree has a story to tell. After my best friend, classmate and 5th grade boyfriend, Bob Roddey passed away I took a little cedar seedling from where he was buried. I took it to my childhood home on Hankins Street and my Mother planted it in her front yard. She nurtured it and it grew and it grew. When it got big enough, Mother would decorate it at Christmas. She loved that tree. She is gone now too and the tree just kept growing. It was getting to big so this year I donated it to be used as the town Christmas tree. It holds lots of memories for me. I will be adding Christmas balls with the names of those I miss. The Class of 1970 has lost many classmates, two just in the last 2 weeks. I will put their names on The Tree. So if you come to town go see The Tree and add a Christmas ball memory with the name of the ones you miss.

Warren Mayor Denisa Pennington

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