Warren City Council Ways and Means Committee continues work on 2022 City budget

Warren, Arkansas – The Warren City Council Ways and Means Committee met Tuesday, November 30, 2021 to continue work on the 2022 City budget.

Chair-Person Council Member Dorothy Hebderson presided. Council Members Memory Burks Frazer and Emily Mosely are also members of the committee. All were present along with Mayor Pennington and administrative staff. Also attending was Council Member Angela Marshall.

The committee spent the majority of the meeting discussing salary issues and discussing the need for new police cars and fire equipment, including a new engine. There was also discussion about buying some new street maintenance equipment. Economic Development was on the agenda. The Committee continues to support seeking a private sector recruiter or consultant.

The Mayor’s office will go back and revise the budget numbers based upon the decisions the committee made. This meeting was the latest in a number of committee meetings held over the last couple of months.

It was noted by committee members that the City pay plan needs to be restudied and updated and that employee evaluations need to be the basis for increased compensation in addition to cost of living annual raises.

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