UAM Heavy Equipment School providing good paying jobs

Did you know the University of Arkansas at Monticello, McGehee Campus operates an accredited school for the training of heavy equipment operators right here in Warren? It’s not a secret and has been located here for a number of years, yet it seems many people are unaware of the school and what it can provide.

When a person, man or woman,successfully completes the course, they have access to many opportunities for good paying jobs with benefits. Many jobs are in our region and others are statewide and even nationwide. Those who get the certificate are accredited by the National Center for Construction Education and Research.  

To be part of the program a person must be age 18 or above. Many students who have secured their certificate are in their 40’s or 50’s. The course results in 42 hours of credit. The program takes 10 months to complete.

To-date, there has been a 90% graduation rate.

Training consists of both classroom and in-the-field running equipment. Students are trained to operate backhoes, motor patrols(road graders), fork lifts, drive dump trucks, as well as operate skidders and trackhoes.  It is also possible to get a CDL license to drive larger trucks at no extra cost.

Operating equipment safely is a major part of the course. 50% to 80% of graduates get jobs and get them quickly.  For a person who wants to work outdoors and learn to operate modern high tech equipment, this is the place for you. A good living can be made.

The course is taught by David Carter and is run out of the Southeast Arkansas Community Based Education Center located on the Warren High School Campus. Mr. Carter has a degree in accounting, but grew up with his father in the logging business. He learned to drive and operated heavy equipment from a very young age.  He came back to Warren in 1981 to run his fathers logging operation and took over the heavy equipment school in 2001.

Students work on various public projects for their training during the learning process. They are currently helping with dirt work for the expansion of the Warren Shooting Complex Rifle Range located on Bradley Road 38 just south and west of the Warren Country Club. They have worked on many projects in South Arkansas.

This is an excellent opportunity to gain the skills to secure a good job with very good pay and benefits.  For more information call David Carter at 870-226-2750 or by cell at 870-866-4231.  You may email to learn more details and make plans to take part. There is financial assistance available for qualifying students. Take advantage of this opportunity to improve the lives of you and your family right here in Warren.  Employers are looking for trained operators and are willing to pay well.

The current group of students make up class 42 since the program began. There are two instructors, including the CDL course.

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  1. I am very interested in joining them classes can I get more information about where to got and how much it would cost.

    1. Contact Jay Harrod or David Carter at SEACBEC (where classes are held). They will explain the program and point you in the right direction.

  2. My husband is the handsome guy with white T-shirt and joggers. He graduated from this school with the National Honor society. His teacher was Mr. Jay .. He is an awesome guy. He takes his time and actually teaches his class. Not only did my husband have a great teacher but he is also a great friend. They still to this day check in with each other on a regular. My husband now makes $32.00 a hr. Operating an equipment called a Jaraff … Please I encourage you to join the class. You will be glad you did .

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