BCMC Board meets for regular monthly business

WARREN, Ark. – Bradley County Medical Center board of directors made minor policy changes during their monthly meeting Thursday at the Brunson Medical Complex.

Chief Financial Officer and Acting CEO Leslie Huitt said hospital volumes were “up and down compared to December.” Revenue was down by about $200,000. Private pay balances over 90 days continued to grow but accounts receivable decreased for the month.

By Tim Kessler
By Tim Kessler

Saline River Chronicle freelance contributor

County sales tax collections totaled $114,674.35 for January (after a 2 percent treasurer’s commission), with about $4.1 million available to spend. That money is used for capital improvements such as medical equipment.

In other action:

  • Medical staff recommendations were approved including the following: Dr. Rodney Dixon, ESS, reappointment to March 2024; Drs. Don Kusenberger, W. Jean Marchett and John Scurlock, RAPA, reappointments to January 2024; Dr. Michael Weiner, pathology, reappointment to January 2024; Dr. Sahana Aravind, ESS, initial appointment to January 2023; Dr. Michael Schonefeld, nephrology, reappointment to February 2024; Dr. David Tamas, RAPA, reappointment to February 2024; Dr. Dichelle George, family practice, reappointment to February 2024; and Dr. Ewane Ngone, ESS/family practice, move to inactive status.
  • Vice President of Support Services Marilyn Johnson said the Train Myself management tool was introduced on Wednesday. She said the Hospital Auxiliary was considering action on the Thrift Shop, as it has been impacted by COVID-19 restrictions. A meeting will be held with South Arkansas Community College nursing instructors, as some new personnel have been put in place, to determine what resources they may need at the Brunson Medical Complex. Two fire drills have been held. An emergency preparedness forum by Arkansas Hospital Association may be held soon along with local community leaders.
  • Chief Nursing Officer Jamie Wolfe said that in December, the hospital treated 86 COVID-19 positive patients including hospital workers. That number went to 250 in January. “That has taken a toll. They (staff) are tired,” he said. Wolfe also said he met with the University of Arkansas advisory board last week to discuss a master’s of nursing program that will be offered at UAM. He said the hospital was experiencing some pharmacy shortages but it has a good supply of COVID antibody infusion treatments.
  • Policy changes were approved involving OB staff and ER; check-ins for admissions through the business office; a patient financial policy regarding the rural health clinic; updating legal documents involving patient privacy policies; mandatory COVID-19 vaccination policies regarding new employees; Medicare secondary payers; and disclosures for patient testimonials. A resolution was approved that allows the chairman to sign off on documents regarding a USDA grant.
  • Board member Lathan Hairston was elected as the board secretary.
  • There were two actions out of executive session. Gale Bigham was chosen to fill the unexpired term of Kristi McDuff on the Bradley County Medical Center Board of Directors. A leave of absence for board member Kenneth McDougald was approved for a period of three months.

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