Future of Warren’s Cultural Center in question

The future of Warren Cultural Center remains in limbo as Cultural Center Committee members discussed multiple repairs that are needed on the facility.

Representing the committee Monday were School Board member Shannon Gorman, City Council member Memory Frazer, city Parks and Recreation Director Kyle Wagnon, and Mayor Denisa Pennington.

By Tim Kessler
By Tim Kessler

Saline River Chronicle freelance contributor

Under an agreement established several years ago, the City Council and School Board are to share equally in any repairs made to the facility. However, the schools have focused efforts recently on building a new basketball arena that can also be used for some community activities.

Gorman said the School Board has not discussed any action on the Cultural Center.

There have been some roof and foundation issues. Wagnon also said a large air conditioning unit has gone out.

Pennington said a $1.5 million bid on repairs had been made in 2020 but the committee recognized that construction costs have gone up since then. That bid included about $150,000 for new seating, $50,000 for new curtains and $200,000 for a new sound system in addition to the roof and foundation work. The air conditioning was not included.

The mayor said School Superintendent Bryan Cornish would send more information on the needed repairs.

“I’d hate to just let it go but there’s a point where you have to say it’s not worth it,” Frazer said.

“I don’t think anyone wants it torn down but it’s got a lot of problems,” Gorman said.

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  1. Many memories made there. With that said, time to tear it down and move on. Way too many things are left erected in town for preservation, memory and the feel goods that eventually causes an eye sore. I sure would hate for outside folks to drive onto our newly improved campus with state of the art school and gym and see a dilapidated structure sticking out like a sore thumb.

  2. Totally disagree to tear down !
    While I appreciate the new facilities being built (and will be a benefit to the town) these new facilities are primarily centered around sports. The Cultural Center is meant to provide culture to the citizens of Warren and the surrounding areas.
    We have a very well known and unique feature in our little town. It is an icon.

  3. Let us not forget that a worker fell to his death during the construction of the building in 1978

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