Warren native, dog in Getty Image video

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OCEANSIDE, CA – Chrystal Norton Cochran, a Warren native who has done modeling on the West Coast, now has a Getty Image video of her and her new puppy, Xena Princess Warrior, on the Getty Image site.

By Maylon Rice
By Maylon Rice

Saline River Chronicle Feature Contributor

Getty Image sites are often used in commercial art, in such ways as newsletters, brochures, video or television or other advertising mediums, for sale or subscription to art services.

Sometimes the video clips might surface in such video clips as a pet food commercial, a real estate advertisement or just a video clip of a mature woman and her dog at play in a park.

Already the video has been used in a campaign to “save pets one at a time,” during the pandemic.

Cochran, an honor graduate of WHS Class of 1973, posted the raw footage of her video on her Facebook page this week. 

Many of her classmates and her mom, Chris and siblings gave comments on her Facebook page. The puppy since April 2021 has been featured in many of Cochran’s daily posts on Facebook.

Xena Princess Warrior has been a constant in-home companion to Cochran and her husband since April 2021.

During the Covid-19 years, Cochran walked 793 miles in 2020, but upped her daily exercise average, with Xena in tow, to 1,605 in 2021.

Xena was the first pet since their former longtime pet dog, Oreo, passed over the Rainbow Bridge, a couple of years ago.

Cochran is retired these days, but stays busy with two adult sons, Evan and Sean Cochran and a lively pet, Xena and her husband to look after.

She is a frequent visitor, in non-covid times to Little Rock where her mother, Chris Forrester Norton and twin sisters, Camille and Candy Norton, who both live in Central Arkansas.

Chrystal is the eldest daughter of the late Lloyd Norton, who ran a television and electronic business on south Main Street in Warren for several years.

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