Warren Ways and Means discusses remaining American Rescue Plan funds

The Warren City Council Ways and Means Committee met Wednesday afternoon at the Warren Municipal Building to discuss city needs and the utilization of the remaining American Rescue Plan funds available to the city.

Council Member Dorothy Henderson chairs the committee. Other members are Council Members Memory Burks Frazer and Council Member Emily Moseley. All were present along with Mayor Denisa Pennington. The committee was provided information on the the available funds that can be utilized and the estimated cost of a number of items the city has a need to address.

The American Rescue Funds as allocated by Congress are provided the city in two lump sums. They must be maintained separate from other city revenues.

As of now, Warren has $366,758.42 in the bank and expects another $577,249.22 in the future. Items discussed included needs in the solid waste or Sanitation Department, police cars, recreational equipment upgrades and the Warren Cultural Center. The committee talked about setting priorities and addressing several needs. There was also some discussion of water and sewer improvements.

The list of potential projects easily exceeded the amount of funds to be available and the committee will have further discussions to make recommendations. They did agree to seek an affordable and workable project to make foundation repairs to the Cultural Center, before making final plans for the Center and the monies available for other projects.

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