Boil order issued for Banks

A boil order has been issued for the town of Banks until further notice, Sunday, April 24, 2022.

A water main has been repaired and pressure restored according to a statement from the Town of Banks. “We are issuing a boil order to be safe and will send samples in Monday to labs to be tested and will notify when it’s lifted.”

Full statement from the town of Banks:

Pictured is the 6 inch main line where the weight of the tractor bent the saddle tap and the force of the water in the line eroded the pipe out further causing the system to be unable to maintain pressure at the levels it has to. There were no shut-off values between Pine and Sycamore streets that would of allowed us to isolate the leak without turning it off to repair. Repairs took longer than expected due to the fact that we had to have an emergency 811 locate done and find a plumber willing to come in an emergency on a Saturday. Thanks to all of our customers for being patient and understanding. Thanks to the Sheriff’s Department, master tech, and our water superintendent for working till Midnight to see the job done

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