Hermitage School Board discusses cell phone use by students at School

The Hermitage School Board met in monthly session May 9, 2022. After reviewing all reports, the Board discussed changes in the school handbook relating to the use of cell phones by students during school hours. After additional study by faculty, students and administration, the Board will consider final changes to the school handbook.

Next the Board discussed digital learning plans which the school has in place. There are no plans to write a plan for the year 2022-2023.

The Board then voted to use Ameri-corp volunteers Joanna Salinas and Karissa Salinas for Summer Learning. Bids were authorized for child nutrition and other goods for the 2022-2023 school term. Then the Board approved out-of-state travel for state soccer and cheer camp.

In personnel matters, the Board accepted the resignation of LaReina Grundy and voted to hire the following:

  • Faron Johnson
  • Travis Stanley
  • Cherish Curry
  • Evandi Acuchi-Aendar
  • Martha Martinez, part-time
  • Madison McGhee
  • Lissett DeLon
  • Christy Rowell-Trotter
  • Clare Ortiz, part-time
  • Selena Jurado, change in pay rate

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