Hospital Week concludes as Bradley County Medical Center presents annual service awards

BCMC handed out its annual service awards to conclude Hospital Week. We were not able to get everyone’s picture due to work schedules. Thanks to State Representative Jeff Wardlaw stopping by to help interim CEO Leslie Huitt give out the awards!

  • 5 Years – Nancy Kelly, Leslie Pedigo, Rebecca Miles, Beverly Rauls, Brooke Hatch, Bruce Huitt, Jessica Hammock, Kimberly Caldwell, Sabrina Peacock, Tamara Whitlock
  • 10 Years – Jean Rhodes, Halee Byrd, Haley Wagnon
  • 15 Years – Cordelia Patton, Cliff Moore, Reeca Reddin
  • 25 Years – Kimberly Langford
  • 30 Years – Tina Battles, Tim Burley

Top photo: Tina Battles(center) receives her 30 year service award

Kimberly Langford(center) receives her 25 year service award.
Reeca Reddin(center) receives her 15 year service award
Cordelia Patton(center) receives her 15 year service award.
Haley Wagnon(center) receives her 10 year service award.
Jean Rhodes(center) receives her 10 year service award.

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