SRC sales manager takes part in Extension Service training program for students

The U of A Division of Agriculture Extension Office of Bradley County recently conducted their program “Get Real, Here’s the Deal” that teaches high school students about real life. The event was put on for students at Hermitage High School. In charge of the program is Michelle Carter, County Ext. Agent-Family and Consumer Sciences. The program consists of giving each student a real-life scenario such as being married with kids, or a single mother with children, and a variety of other situations, and a checkbook. The students then must go to various booths and buy or rent a house, borrow money from a bank, buy insurance and have the option of buying other things of a necessity, or just what they desire. They have ways of making more money, such as securing additional education. The booths are manned by local bankers, insurance agents, educators, etc. The students must visit each booth. The concept is to teach them how to manage their finances and purchase what they must have in an intelligent manner.

In this session, sales manager, former Warren Mayor, and former state representative Gregg Reep manned the booth explaining the importance of registering to vote and voting. The impact voting has on people’s families and businesses and communities were stressed. The young people seemed to enjoy the program and learned about real life scenarios. The program is provided to students at both Warren and Hermitage High Schools yearly.

It is an excellent exercise in conducting one’s personal life financially. The Extension Service provides all materials for program.

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