Warren Fire Department working towards being a Firewise USA agency

The City of Warren Fire Department is working to become part of the Firewise USA program which will provide benefits to the property owners and residents of Warren, as well as make the Department eligible for financial assistance.

Firewise USA is a multi-agency effort that prepares communities for the threat of wildfires. In Arkansas, Firewise USA partners with the Arkansas Department of Agriculture’s Forestry Division to train fire departments and community members on implementing wildfire risk reduction within their jurisdiction. In this case, that community being the City of Warren.

A major portion of the program includes conducting risk assessments for dwelling units, creating a community wildfire preparedness plan, and hosting educational projects. The aim is to create an environment where homes can survive a wildfire without the intervention of firefighters.

The environment is created by taking the following actions:

  • prune shrubs and cut back tree branches from house roofs
  • remove dead plant material including limbs, sticks, twigs
  • leaves dry grass and firewood from being too close to homes
  • utilize fire resistant roofing and building materials as much as possible
  • utilize fire resistant landscaping as much as possible

The general purpose is to make fire prevention more successful and save lives and property. This can benefit fire insurance ratings and make the community look nicer, as well as make it safer.

Further information will be forthcoming as the program proceeds.

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