Stay away from church?

Sooner or later we all face the same temptation. The same problems of human life reoccur in every generation.

Psalm 73 records the experiences of a good man, who in an evil hour was sorely tempted to call it quits. He felt heaven terribly mistreated the person who was trying to do the right thing. The “bad guy” seemed to be winning.

Church is a necessity. Without it, we will be misled. Without it, our lives can be tied to the wrong answer. Without worship, the unbeliever always seems to have the best of it. The “bad guy” is always the winner. But seen from God’s point of view, the interpretation is entirely different. When you see it God’s way, you are amazed that you could have ever felt as you did.

We cannot afford to have our thinking twisted. That is what will happen if you give up the church habit. Yes, it will! You will begin to believe that wrong is right, and that losers are winner.

The church service gives you an opportunity to think. Yes! Sit in that pew and think. Better to sit there for an hour on Sunday morning and think, than to sit in hell for eternity and think.

Think how much older you are and how much closer to the end you are. Think what you have done with your life so far. Think about the record that will be revealed when you face judgment. Think about your influence as a parent. Think about the lies you have told. You are foolish to imagine that these things do not exist in your life just because you keep so busy you have no time to think about them.

The church service gives you an opportunity to hear the message on how to get to heaven. Come, now! Use your common sense. You need to know how to get to heaven and what is needed to get you there.

Of course, if you are not interested – if you do not really care what happens to you or where you will spend eternity – that is your business. Stay away from church! Sleep and lounge all day, Sunday. We will tell your neighbors who attend your funeral that you did not know where you were going, and what is more, you did not care.

Perhaps you do care. That is why you have church service scheduled in your community. Get to it!

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