Jason Wallace named Warren School District Resource Officer

The Warren School District and the Bradley County Sheriff’s Office have announced the hiring of former local law enforcement officer Jason Wallace as the Resource Officer for the Warren School District. Jason has previously worked for the Sheriff’s Office and the City of Warren Police Department. He has extensive law enforcement experience of over 20 years and has worked for higher education law enforcement as well. HIs family is well known in Warren and the area.

Mr. Wallace will begin work Monday, August 16. He will be an employee of the Bradley County Sheriff’s office and the county will be reimbursed the salary and benefits from a grant to the school district. Officer Wallace will have full police powers and will not only be able to enforce the law but to work with students to help them with personal issues and secure help if needed. He will work on all school campuses. Once the new elementary school is constructed he will be on campus for all Warren
School District facilities at one time.

Bradley County will provide Officer Wallace a vehicle.

Officer Wallace will work for Sheriff Herschel Tillman and with Superintendent Cornish.

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