Morgan Richardson Meeks speaks to Warren Rotary

The Warren Rotary Club’s program for Tuesday, Sept. 28 was Morgan Richardson Meeks, Vice President Transportation Operations at Army and Air Force Exchange Service. Mrs. Meeks was the program of Rotarian Dr. Bob Smalling. A native of Warren, Meeks went over her background and how she got her job at the Army and Air Force Exchange Service. She then explained what the role of the company is and what her role is in it. The Army and Air Force Exchange Service goes where Soldiers, Airmen and their families go to improve the quality of their lives by providing valued, tax-free goods and services at exclusive military pricing. These goods and services can range from main PXs/BXs, convenience stores, Military Clothing stores, restaurants, mall stores and kiosks, wellness services, movie theaters, gas stations and other specialty retail businesses on military installations. Shoppers can also find more than 2 million items are available online. Meeks’ job is to make sure these items get transported to where they need to go. She explained how COVID-19 has affected the business, but it did allow her to work from home, which is why her and her family were able to relocate to Warren.

Picture attached is Rotarian Dr. Bob Smalling, Morgan Meeks, and her daughter Mattelyn Meeks.

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