Lumberjack t-shirts featuring art of the late Beverly Reep now available for purchase as part of fundraising effort

Lumberjack t-shirts sponsored by the Warren Lumberjack Booster Club memorializing the late Beverly Reep, former Warren history teacher, are now available for purchase at Rob Reep Studio at 225 S Main in Warren.

The t-shirts are white and feature the well known “Home of the Fighting’ Lumberjacks” design on the front, and on the back, a Lumberjack drawing done nearly 20 years ago by Beverly herself, with the words “In Memory of Beverly Reep” below the drawing. The back of the t-shirt also includes Beverly’s signature as done on the original piece of art.

The front of the t-shirt design.

The t-shirt production was sponsored by the Warren Lumberjack Booster Club. They cost $20 each. Proceeds from the shirt sales will be split evenly between the Warren Lumberjack Booster Club and the Beverly Reep Memorial Fund.

The Booster Club exists to support all aspects of Warren Athletics, from football, to baseball, to soccer, track, and cheerleading. You can check out the Booster Club’s Facebook page for more information on how to get involved.

The Beverly Reep Memorial Fund is a fundraising campaign that’s goal is to permanently memorialize former history teacher Beverly Reep to honor her support and dedication to the students of Warren and Hermitage over her lengthy career. To make a donation to the Beverly Reep memorial fund, please contact Gregg Reep at 870-820-2403. A donation website is planned to be setup in the near future so contributions can be made directly online.

Beverly Reep’s signature on the back of the t-shirt with her original Lumberjack artwork from almost 20 years ago.

Top photo: The back of the “In Memory of Beverly Reep” t-shirt design features original artwork by Beverly Reep.

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  1. Dear mr. Reep
    I would like to buy a T-shirt
    Would you be kind enough to send me the necessary banking information and also the cost for posting
    Our son attended Warren high school now many years ago and I still read the Saline River news daily
    also the sad news about Beverly Reeps death after a trip to Europe

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